10 facts everyone should know about Gopal Krishna Gokhale


gopal krishna gokhale

  1. Gopal Krishna Gokhale was born on May 9, 1866 in Kothapur, Maharashtra to Krishna Rao and Valubai in a Chitpavan Brahmin family.
  2. Gokhale received his early education at the Rajaram High School in Kothapur. In 1884, he graduated from Elphinstone College. Same year, he gained membership at the Deccan Educational Society.
  3. After graduation, Gokhale took a job as an Assistant Master in the New English School in Pune. He also became the Principal of Fergusson College, which he had founded.
  4. Gokhale joined the Indian National Congress in 1889. Gokhale regularly contributed articles to Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s weekly “Mahratta”. Through his articles he tried to awaken the hidden patriotism of Indian people.
  5. In 1895, when the Indian Congress held its session in Pune, he was chosen as the Secretary to the Indian National Congress along with Tilak.
  6. In 1905 Gokhale became the president of the INC and the party was split into two groups of moderates and extremists under Gokhale and Tilak, respectively.
  7. In 1912, he visited South Africa where he first met Gandhi, who was working to uplift the condition of Indians working in the country. He served as a mentor to Gandhi, and apprised his of the common issues confronting Indians.
  8. Gokhale believed that education was the utmost important tool for every Indian to grow in life. He founded the ‘Servants of India Society’ aimed at training men and women and developing a sense of national spirit in them.
  9. He was instrumental in the introduction of the Morley- Minto Reforms of 1909, which eventually became law.
  10. Gokhale breathed his last on February 19, 1915 at the age 49.


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