Ten fascinating facts about Che Guevera


che guevera

  1. Che Guevara was born on 14 June 1928 in Rosario, Argentina. He was the descendant of a half Irish family.
  2. Che Guevara’s real name is ‘Ernesto Guevara De La Serna Lynch’
  3. Che’s nickname at school was ‘Chancho’ which means pig, a name given to him due to his scruffy nature and reluctance to wash.
  4. Che completed his medical studies and became a doctor in 1953 with a particular interest in leprosy.
  5. He loved playing Chess throughout his life and even entered local tournaments.
  6. In 1964, Guevara travelled to the United States to give a speech to the United Nations in New York.
  7. Other then Cuba, Che Guevara also fought in revolutions in Bolivia and Congo but failed.
  8. Che Guevara had five children, one from his first wife and four with his second wife.
  9. The Maryland Institute of Art named the photo of Che from 1960 used on so many millions of t-shirts around the world as the most famous photo of all time.
  10. Che breathed his last on 9 October 1967 in La Higuera, Bolivia.
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