Ten mind-blowing facts about Lakamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak


bal gangadhar tilak

  1. Bal Gangadhar Tilak was born on 23 July 1856 in Chikhali, Maharastra in a well cultured family.
  2. Tilak was among the first Indian generation who received education by earning matriculation in 1872, BA in Maths in 1877 and LL.B degree from Governmental college in 1879.
  3. Tilak, better known as Lok Manya Tilak, co-founded the New English School in 1880 and taught English and Mathematics there.
  4. Gangadhar Tilak joined the Indian National Congress in 1890. At the Congress session in 1907, Bal Gangadhar Tilak roared like a lion stating “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it”.
  5. Tilak was imprisoned on charges of sedition of the masses and was put under rigorous imprisonment for 18 months during 1897-98.
  6. Tilak spent his most of time reading and writing in prison. His book “Gita-Rahasya” was written by him during six years imprisonment in Burma (now Myanmar).
  7. Tilak continuously fought against social injustice like child marriage and gave a clarion call for widow remarriage.
  8. Tilak was known for his sacrifices and highest sense of renunciation. He sacrificed the wealth, comforts, family, happiness and health for his beloved ‘Mother India’.
  9. Tilak breathed his last on 1 August 1920 in Mumbai.
  10. Tilak’s funeral was organised in Mumbai at Chowpatty. His funeral was attended by more than 2 lakh people including Mahatma Gandhi, which was the largest in the Indian history.
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