Ten spellbinding facts about Mangal Pandey


mangal pandey

  1. Mangal Pandey was born on 19 July 1827 in Nagwa village in the Balliya district of Uttar Pradesh.
  2. He joined the British in the year 1849, at the tender age of 18 and became a soldier with the 6th Company of the Bengal Infantry.
  3. He vouched to kill the very first English person he sees due to agony after revolt. He even kept his promise and killed Lieutenant Baugh.
  4. Pandey along with a group of Indian sepoys refused the use of the cartridges and on March 29, 1857, declared rebellion at Calcutta’s (now Kolkata) Barrackpore parade ground.
  5. It was essentially Mangal Pandey’s efforts that spread the Sepoy Mutiny from Barrackpore to Meerut, Delhi, Cawnpore and Lucknow.
  6. At the Military court trial, he was asked to name his partners in the crime. But like a true hero, he kept mum, which costed him his own life.
  7. He was scheduled to be hanged on April 18th, 1857. But his death was preponed to 10 days without a prior notice on 8th April 1857.
  8. Mangal Pandey became one of the first martyrs of India—since the day he died, he was referred to as Shahid Mangal Pandey.
  9. The place where Mangal Pandey opened fire on the British Officers and where he was later hanged is known as ‘Shaheed Mangal Pandey Maha Udyan’ now.
  10. In 1984, the Indian government issued a postage stamp to commemorate him.


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