Top 10 Facts About North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un


North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

Top 10 Unknown facts about the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un you never heard before.

1. While studying in Switzerland he was caught with a porn magazine.

2. He is a good friend of Dennis Rodman.

3. The North Korean public did not even know Kim Existed until a few years before his father died.

4. He cuts his won hair and his hairstyle is deemed as the most stylish haircut in North Korea.

5. He was a big fan of Jackie Chan during his school days.

6. Kim Jong-un is a big fan of basketball and Michael Jordan.

7. He has a huge collection of Nike trainers.

8. Kim Jong-un is the only high ranking military man in the world without any military experience.

9. He hand selected the North Korea’s first All-Female Pop Group.

10. When he assumed office as the Supreme Leader of North Korea he was just 28 years old making him the world’s youngest Head of State.

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