Top 10 Interesting Facts About Morgan Freeman


Morgan Freeman 10 interesting facts

Top 10 amazing facts about Morgan Freeman

1. He likes riding horses and sailing.

2. He puts his Oscar statuette inside a cabinet built by his good friend which is placed in his office.

3. He Keeps a huge telescope in the backyard of his ranch in Charleston.

4. Morgan Freeman discovered acting from a school punishment.

5. In 1968, Morgan Freeman debuted in his first Broadway show called ‘Hello Dolly’.

6. He has his own production company called Revelation Entertainment.

7. He age 65, he earned a private pilot’s license.

8. He served in the U.S. Air Force for 4 years.

9. He is the first African American actor to have been in 3 Academy Award Best Picture winners.

10. Morgan Freeman’s first television debut was with the Electric Company.

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